‘Babel News’

Digital audioscape & digital video, wooden box frames, 9.38 mins. (looped)

‘Babel News’ is a sound-and-vision-scape, combining abstract moving images with audio material reflecting the BBC World Service, in particular the emergence of the public voice. Interwoven phrases, on 6 superimposed tracks, fade in and out, with people speaking about images, conflict, reconciliation, migration and invisibility. The soundtrack is composed of extracts from the BBC series ‘World Have Your Say’ and ‘The Forum’.

‘Grid References III’

Moving image and print installation, 01.58 mins. looped; 119.5 x 81 x 2 cms.

‘Grid References III’ incorporates two versions of ‘Grid References’, an abstract digital video, which includes filmed painting on glass and digitised Super 8 film. The still images are individual film/video frames printed on archival paper.

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‘Champ de Mars (Chant de Mars)’, digital video, 01.53 mins., 2013

‘Champ de Mars (Chant de Mars)’ is an experimental video, which is concerned with the play of light, colour and sound, and with the contrast between visible and invisible, sonorous and silent, rhythmical and jarring, as well as with what is revealed and what is obscured. The music is Barry Hall’s ‘Terra Zona’, played by the composer and the Burnt Earth Ensemble, on a ‘flowerpotophone’.

‘Champ de Mars’ features in Stigmart VIDEOFocus, Stigmart10, Art Review, March 2014. http://issuu.com/stigmart10press/docs/stigmart_videofocus_-_special_issue/40

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