in the house

The installation ‘in the house’ is a perspex boathouse sculpture filled with light, in a domestic interior, photographed from outside, viewed through the window. It was created during the COVID-19 ‘lockdown’ period, and formed part of the ‘lockdownandlight’ online exhibition from 29-31 May 2020. The art project ‘Lockdown and Light’ was developed by artists David Campbell Baldry and Jane Watt as part of the on-going biennial series ‘Landscape & Light’. My installation plays on the interchange of outdoor and indoor, public and domestic, protection and imprisonment, as well as darkness and light, translucency and opacity, in all senses.

‘in the house’, domestic interior installation

Perspex sculpture,  LED, shelf, window

dimensions variable

Babel News

‘Babel News’

Site-specific digital audioscape & digital video, wooden box frames, 9.38 mins. (looped), installed in Bush House Arcade, London

‘Babel News’ is a sound-and-vision-scape, combining abstract moving images with audio material reflecting the BBC World Service, installed in its iconic former home. The overlaid audio tracks reference the emergence of the public voice. Interwoven phrases, on 6 superimposed tracks, fade in and out, with people speaking about images, conflict, reconciliation, migration and invisibility. The soundtrack is composed of extracts from the BBC series ‘World Have Your Say’ and ‘The Forum’.

Grid References III

‘Grid References III’

Moving image and print installation, 01.58 mins. looped; 119.5 x 81 x 2 cms.

‘Grid References III’ incorporates two versions of ‘Grid References’, an abstract digital video, which includes filmed painting on glass and digitised Super 8 film. The still images are individual film/video frames printed on archival paper.

Watch ‘Grid References III’

Champ de Mars (Chant de Mars)

‘Champ de Mars (Chant de Mars)’, digital video, 01.53 mins., 2013

Two Towers Talk

This installation is part of the ongoing ’Two Towers Talk’ series, emerging from a residency at the South Lookout in Aldeburgh. This body of work treats the ambiguous concept and symbolic significance of the tower: as a menacing site for mass observation and oppression, or as a positively protective place of solitary retreat. These works merge images and representations of the former shipping information lookout tower, with those relating to the watchtower at a former concentration camp in Germany. They are reflections on artistic practice, family history, and inner conflict and reconciliation.

‘Two Towers Talk’, installation

Perspex sculpture, print, light gels, LEDs, plinth

dimensions variable

‘Two Towers Talk’, print, 59.5 x 42 cms & ‘Two Towers Talk: light beam’, print, 59.5 x 42 cms

‘Two Towers Talk’, installation, Chelsea College of Arts, 2014

Perspex sculptures, digital video projection, architectural scale model figure

dimensions variable


Perspex sculpture with light gels and illumination

Section of an early version of the ‘Two Towers’ sculpture, created as a study for my Aldeburgh Beach Lookout residency