‘Reconciliations’, History Museum of Bosnia & Hercegovina, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina, 2018.

The collage/print series ‘Reconciliations’ and sculptural installation ‘Safe Water for Sarajevo’ on display at ‘REconciliations’, in Sarajevo.


‘Reconciliations I’ and ‘Reconciliations II’ are pigment ink prints, displayed in the gallery space.

‘Reconciliations III’ is a translucent, acetate collage with a drawing of a cross-section of the History Museum. It is installed in the Museum’s main entrance, alongside Vojo Dimitrijevic’s war-damaged, stained glass, window artwork.

‘Reconciliations I’ and ‘Reconciliations II’, archival pigment prints, wooden frames, 43 x 33 x 3 cms.

‘Safe Water for Sarajevo’ is a line from an article in the New York Times about the provision of clean water to homes during the siege of Sarajevo, in which ‘safe’ refers to the purity of the water, but also to not having to dodge snipers. In this installation, the crumbling concrete, protruding wires and broken glass allude to architectural ruins, while at the same time the glasses and bottles suggest a domestic setting for socialising — all made impossible.

‘Safe Water for Sarajevo’ installation in the gallery space of the History Museum.