Works and experimental works in progress relating to the Bauhaus, Dessau & Berlin, and the Isokon, London.

‘Bauhaus, Dessau’

These medium format negatives  are presented here as objects in their own right. The material of film is a sculptural object, as well as a basis for printing photographs. The resulting photographs will be posted here at a later date.

Isokon tree photograms

This photogram is created using leaves from an ash tree still growing by the Isokon, linking the past with the present, and highlighting the vital role of light in both photosynthesis and photography.

‘Bauhaus Archive’/ ‘Bauhaus-Archiv’, Berlin

Silver gelatin, hand printed photographs on Ilford MGIV RC de Luxe paper from Ilford FP5 Plus film, 2020

5 x 7 inches

‘Bauhaus Balconies’ (Dessau),  ‘Bauhaus-Archiv’ (Berlin) and ‘Isokon’ (London)

Digital prints on Hahnemuhle German Etching paper, 2019

42 x 29.7  cms

‘Vortextual Compositon No. 5’

Archival digital photographic print on paper and on acetate, wood frame, UV/AR glass, 2014

31.5 x 43 cms

This double-layered print features abstracted architectural elements of the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin. A photographic collage was projected on to a three dimensional construction of perspex pieces, mirror shards, tape and paper fragments of the same image as the one projected, and the installation was re-photographed.