‘Looking In, Looking Out’, installation, dimensions variable

‘Looking In, Looking Out’ comprises three parts: two prints and a sculptural, perspex piece incorporating print within it.
The installation was created specifically for the ‘Anna Freud and Play’ exhibition. It forms part of my ongoing series of acrylic architectural constructions. This version incorporates pieces of the children’s classic building toy ‘PlayPlax’, designed by Patrick Rylands, made of transparent and translucent Perspex.


‘Vortextual Compositon No. 5’, archival print, acetate print, wood frame, UV/AR glass, 31.5 x 43cm.

This double-layered print is part of a series of works relating to the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin. A collage of elements of the building was projected on to a three dimensional construction of perspex pieces, mirror shards, tape and paper fragments of the same image as the one projected, and this installation was then re-photographed.


Lightbox with 35mm negative film strip

Lightbox: metal, Perspex, LEDs, 35 x 30 x 35 mm; Ilford HP5 Plus 400 processed negative film roll, 1010 mm


‘Laurana/Lovran’, 2015

Series of digital prints on glossy archival Kodak Royal paper